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Get ready to be bowled over!

F  rever Casual,
Never Proper!

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Our bowls of endless flavors from the South east

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Rice & Noodles

Happy Hearty Carbs in flavours you crave

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Asian Grills & Dimsums

Steamed, Grilled, Panfried - Take your pick!

Curries &
Stir Fry

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Fully flavoured wholesome goodness


We’re bringing flavors from the east - to your plate.

The Wok shop brings you everyday Asian comfort straight from the bylanes of countries across Asia. Meals on-the-go that are easy to eat, satiating and full of flavour.  From umami rice and sluurpy noodles to tongue tingling stir fries and curries - There's something for everyone! 

We are forever casual, never proper. Ditch the fancy etiquetes and sit down with a bowl of comfort - just the way you like! 

We wok, your way.

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Order Online

​Our Woks Are Coming Your Way

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